The scientific journal MEGABIZNIS (ISSN 2560-4104) is an open access journal issued by the Faculty of Management Zaječar.

MEGABIZNIS is a scientific and professional journal with a goal to publish papers in all the fields of economics, business and management. The journal is especially focused on the publication of research results in the areas of economics and management in the transition countries. The journal publishes papers in Serbian and English. The journal is published twice a year with a special issue of the journal containing selected and remodeled papers presented on the International Symposium on Natural Resources Management which is held every year at the Faculty of Management in Zaječar.

The journal publishes original scientific manuscripts, review articles, professional papers, previous releases and book reviews.The papers which are categorised as scientific must have one positive review. The author is anonymous to peer reviewer, and the reviewer is anonymous to the author. The peer reviewer evaluates the paper and can write a positive review,he/she can suggest modifications, or he/she can write a negative review of the paper. The manuscript which is to be modified is sent to the author by the editorial board along with review text.

Authors are invited to send their papers. The publication of the papers is not charged, nor is the fee to the author paid.
Editor in chief is Dragan Mihajlović, Full Professor.

Editorial board secretary is mr Andrijana Petrović.